***We Offer Confidential Coaching for Celebrities, Politicians, Entrepreneurs, Professional Athletes, Musical Artists, High Profile Individuals, and Faith Leaders.***

At Infinite Possibilities International Consulting we provide customized programs ,services , tools, and products specifically designed to assist professional athletes maximize their potential. We specialize in proven research based strategies designed to help professional athletes overcome the pitfalls of professional sports. We adhere to the strictest principles of confidentiality and hold all our client’s well-being as our top priority.

We approach our clients as holistic human beings and care for them beyond their athletic abilities. Our services include but is not limited to:

  1. Money Management for Professional Athletes
  2. Goal-Setting and Goal-Getting
  3. Overcoming Adversity
  4. Mindset Training
  5. Drug & Alcohol Addiction Prevention
  6. Managing Risky Scenarios
  7. Dealing With Friends and Family(Setting Clear boundaries)As A Professional Athlete
  8. Managing Anger and Conflict
  9. Developing Fulfilling and Healthy Relationships
  10. Setting Boundaries
  11. Time Management
  12. Stress Management
  13. Sex Education for Athletes
  14. Emotional IQ
  15. The Parent’s Workshop (For parents of student athletes)
  16. Leaving a legacy Beyond Sports