“Gibson, thank you for your fascinating book. I have read through it on the plane flying home. It is an answer to prayer!”

- Barbara Bush

Former First Lady of the United States of America/wife of George H.W. Bush, 41st president & mother of George W. Bush, 43rd president of the U.S

“Ever since I met Gibson Sylvestre, I’ve admired his energy and enthusiasm for helping people become the best version of themselves. When he speaks, he speaks from the heart—with knowledge and experience that can help any individual or organization be better than they are today.”

— Dr. Ken Blanchard

Coauthor of The New One Minute Manager® and Servant Leadership in Action/World’s Leading Management Expert

“On many levels and in many different ways, we can have a tremendous impact on our world. If you’ve already identified ways you can touch your neighbors, Gibson’s book will help encourage and strengthen your spirit. If you have not, these pages will help you find that path!”

— Sammy Morris

NFL Player, New England Patriots

“I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Gibson Sylvestre to your company. I am convinced that his hard work, determination, and enthusiasm will be an asset to your organization.”

— Mr. H. Wayne Huizenga, Jr..

Miami Dolphins Part Owner and Huizenga Holdings, President

“At lunch with Gibson, unexpectedly he told our waitress who we had just met, that we were going to pray (for our food)and asked if there was anything she would like us to pray about. The waitress answered "yes there is." Her eyes began to fill up as she told us that her mother has cancer and it would mean a lot to her if we would pray for her mom. We did pray, and as lunch went on I noticed a sense of relief from our waitress. This particular lunch I'll never forget! This was an example of Gibson Sylvestre following the principle "Love your neighbor as yourself.”

— Noah Welch

#7 World Champion Professional Hockey Player /Played For Florida Panthers/Pittsburgh Penguins/Tampa Bay Lightning/Atlanta Thrashers/HV71/Växjö Lakers/ Harvard Graduate

“Gibson is a leader in every sense: inspiration, sensitivity, encouragement, and motivation. He is intelligent, thoughtful, motivated, caring, genuine, inspiring, and very productive. Having taught high-level, motivated students for over 40 years, I consider Gibson Sylvestre one of the very best!”

— Dr. Mary Jo Henderson, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus, Broward College/ Florida Atlantic University

“Gibson Sylvestre is a leader and self-starter. He functions much as an autonomous risk taker and stands ready to be accountable for his actions and decisions. These qualities are rare. Essentially, Gibson is an autodidact—a self-learner and great teacher of what he knows.”

— Dr. Ken Johnson, Ph.D

Associate Dean of Graduate Programs, College of Business at Florida Atlantic University / American Real Estate Society

“Gibson is a dynamic world-wide speaker and talent. He is passionate about bringing positive change to people and society. He is intelligent, creative, empathetic, and morally grounded. I have worked with him and used his services for my own endeavors. He receives nothing but stellar evaluations. Thousands of people and myself have been a witness to his genius”

— Actor Terry Allen Jones

Actor/President & CEO of Creating Alternative Thinking Systems

“ Through the years, Gibson’s passion has always been to serve the people of this community, motivating them to reach their God-given potential. Your organization will be fortunate to have him. ”

— Mayor Jim Naugle

Former Mayor of the City of Fort Lauderdale

“ My name is Jennifer Falcone Moore and I am an attorney working for the Florida Bar. It is my very great pleasure to recommend Mr. Gibson Sylvestre as a speaker for your organization. He is a man of integrity on whom you can rely. He is passionate and eloquent in his speech; in short, a wonderful communicator! ”

— Attorney Jennifer Falcone Moore


“As a speaker in small or large settings Gibson connects with the audience heart to heart while conveying relevant and practical information. His passion and discipline will add great value to your organization.”

— Mr. David Y. Bang

CEO of LifeConEx a subsidiary of DHL Corp.

“Gibson has assisted students with disabilities by investing a great deal of time here at FAU. Gibson has proven to be trustworthy and dependable, able to work with people from diverse backgrounds, and consistent in the quality of service provided.”

— Ms. Jane Rotman

Assistant Director, Florida Atlantic University

“Gibson is resourceful, energetic, and very reliable. He has been an inspiration to me in his insightful grasp of reaching target audiences with uncommon communications skills.”

— Tom Shelton

Founder & CEO of Shelton Ferrari Maserati & Porsche Dealerships

“I heard Gibson speak and have always been impressed with his ability to engage people. His message is welcomed in these times of trouble and stress.”

— Dr. Frank Till

Former CEO of Broward County Boys & Girls Club, Former Superintendent of Broward County Schools

What others are saying

“After attending Gibson’s seminar I realized I am not my job title. Thank you very much!”

— Dennis M.

Attorney/ Toronto, Canada

“Reading Gibson’s book gave me the green light to franchise my business. His business advice is on point.”

— Emily R.

Tech Entrepreneur, Los Angeles

“Gibson’s teachings gave me the tools to find peace with all my insecurities. Finding my passion at work again gives me zest. My family time is peaceful now.”

— Courtney E.

School Teacher Dallas, Texas

“Gibson’s words are powerful. I follow his mindset training each and every day. His coaching dramatically changed my approach as I was approaching it from the wrong perspective.”

— Jay

Professional Athlete, New York

“Gibson, you were the best speaker we’ve hired in 27 years in this industry. Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule and actually giving us practical tools. Loved the jokes!”

— Jimmy P.

CEO, Chicago, Illinois

“I have more happiness and direction in my life. I wish they taught this stuff in school.”

— Robert R

Chemical Engineer, New York

“Mr. Sylvestre’s story impacted me in the sense he told me that I can be whatever I wanted to be as far as my career. I have a sense that there is always hope for the future. ”

— Rachel R

12 year old student, Fort Lauderdale Fl

“Mr. Sylvestre’s story impacted me because it taught me your past doesn’t have to define you.”

— Alyssa C.

10 year old student in Pompano Beach Fl

“Mr. Gibson Sylvestre taught me to never give up on myself. I can relate to him. He made me believe in myself.”

— Cameron C.

8 year old student Tampa FL

“Mr. Sylvestre’s story inspired me to keep going”

— Maya B

11 year old student Daytona Beach FL


— Harper L.

16year old student in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

“Thank you Gibson for your awesome support and coaching. Your system help break my longtime addiction. I will forever be grateful to you!”

— Aubrey S.

17 year old student in Louisville, Kentucky