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Our Events

All of our events is geared towards connecting you with the most relevant information pertaining to your progress. We bring in topics and experts that will give you the most value. We want you to get the most out of your time

At All Of Our Events Are Designed To Give You A Transformational Experience In:

  1. Your Professional Life
  2. Your Personal Life
  3. Your Relationships


This event is based on Gibson’s internationally distributed book Being A Promotable Person. In Being A Promotable Person will challenge you to look at work not as a frantic stumbling block but a friendly stepping stone to a life filled with meaning and purpose. I want to encourage you to embark on the journey of searching for a deeper meaning. Don't settle for less. This event is about empowering you to achieve your highest God-given potential.

In our Being A Promotable Person Events & Seminars you will learn how to:

  1. Develop Leadership Skills No Matter Your Position On The Corporate Ladder
  2. Dramatically Improve The You Approach Your Work
  3. Overcome Stress
  4. Think Like An Owner
  5. Become A Strategic Communicator
  6. Achieve More With Less
  7. Realize and Utilize the Power of Teamwork
  8. Develop a Standard of Excellence
  9. Resolution Conflicts…and so much more.

Transformational Leadership Development Events & Seminars

This event is based on Gibson’s internationally distributed book Leadership Sideways. The fundamental purpose of leadership is to create more leaders, not to create more followers. Leadership is not about being served, but about serving the people you lead. Leaders enable others to succeed. This event gives you the necessary tools to help you help your people become peak performers. If you practice and internalize the principles in this book you will become a leader people will be lining up to follow. Leadership Sideways will get you going.

In this program you'll learn to:

  1. Become A Purpose-Driven Leader
  2. Lead With Courage
  3. Create A Compelling Mission Your Team Will Gladly Want To Follow
  4. Become A Strategic Communicator
  5. Affirm Your Team To Greatness
  6. Share Your Leadership
  7. Avoid Burnout…and much more!