Team Building Workshops

Successful companies prioritize teamwork and team building. Inside every successful company/ organization you will find high functioning efficiently ran teams. Our programs are all customized to meet your company’s need. Here’s how our system works:

Step 1-Intoduction Phase - We meet with CEO and upper leadership to assess the specific needs of your team.

Step 2-Fact Finding Phase - We interview key members of your staff to get their perspective.

Step 3-Strategic Design Phase -We design a (hands-on) fun half day/full workshops and activities designed to teach/train your staff on identifying your team’s dysfunctions as well as how to remedy/ fix those issues.

Step 4-Debriefing Phase - We assess and document everything we learned during this phase as well as contextualize it.

Step 5-Designing Your Team’s Desired Outcome Phase - This is where we put it all together. We take all that we learned about your team and company and we generate guiding principles that will help your team operate in a more effective and efficient way.

Our objective is to give your team a customized, simple, well thought-out roadmap to success.